NANOARC's Energy division focuses on the design and development of unique nanomaterials via atomic lattice engineering, to tailor the manner in which they interact with electromagnetic radiation. 


We are developing an energy technology, which is transparent and uses visible and/or invisible light to generate electrical power. The technology consists of nontoxic, photoactive, atomically-architectured quantum materials manufactured via a NANOARC proprietary process. This is done to lower the manufacturing energy budget, and yield unique architectures, that have good sensitivity to UV, visible and infrared light. This means you have power being constantly generated in even overcast and low light conditions. 


Imagine that the windows of your home, camping tent, schools, hospitals or commercial building are all generating energy, without the view through them being obstructed. In a power failure, or natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, etc), you will still have energy to keep you warm and safe, power your communication systems, preserve your food, medication and sensitive business products. Imagine your electric car doesn’t need to be recharged at a stationary point because the windscreen is the energy source for the battery. This technology will seamlessly integrate into your existing and future platforms to provide you with location-independent access to renewable energy. 

This technology will offer an untethered, location-independent and personalized experience of wireless access to electrical power: to ALL users, be they in vibrant cities, climbing the mountains or browsing through dense rain forests. The reins limiting our progress in energy sustainability, especially in our contemporary digital world fall off. Opportunities become endless: be they for travel, programming, healthcare, communication or even space travel. Electrical outlets vary geographically but nature is abundant, versatile and so generous, the sun doesn't need a special installation centre in the sky. This is energy technology being made scalable to the needs of the user, adjustable to your budget, meeting you at your point of need.